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The Tianshi Group is a privately held corporation by Mr. Jinyuan Li, the Founder and President of Tianshi Health Products, Inc. Mr. Li is a leader and a visionary who continues to provide stewardship and guidance as president of The Tianshi Group, Inc.
Mr. Li knew that, while "tradition" shares essential truths about nutrition, Tianshi needed a non-traditional economic model to meet the demands of doing business in a country as vast and rapidly developing as China. He recognized that the powerful word-of-mouth advertising and sales of Network Marketing ("MLM" or "multi-level" marketing) were the engine Tianshi needed to promote its product revelations throughout China and later, the world.
Tianshi was founded on August 3rd, 1995, refered to as 8.3 , in Tianjin China by Mr. Jinyuan Li. Mr. Li's ideal is to explore and perfect thousands of years of Chinese herbal knowledge, blend it with modern technology and create quality inovative products to spread health and friendship through out the world.

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Tianshi Group is a large-scale global enterprise group. With its anchor business in advanced biotechnology, Tianshi is also involved in financing, real estate development, education, cultural exchanges, and modern logistics. Headquartered at the Henderson Center in Beijing, its production plants are located in the Wuqing New Technology Development Zone of Tianjin.

As a result of 10 years of arduous efforts, Tianshi has diversified its production line from a single product to various products, such as nutritional supplements, general food commodities, and medical equipment, totaling nearly 200 products. Its business now covers 170 countries and regions worldwide with branches rooted over 100 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and their surrounding regions.

In 1997 Tianshi transitioned its marketing to a global MLM that expanded Tianshi's growth in China while at the same time promoting Tianshi's international growth. Within only four years, Tianshi had offices in the United States, Canada, Brasil, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.


Tiens Business Opportunity  

In whichever country you visit Tianshi, you will find a blending with the local culture to create an opportunity and corporate environment that is at once Chinese in its traditional formulas and information, but localized by the collaboration of thousands of consultants and customers to create a company and culture that is unique to that nation.Tianshi Independent Consultants may enroll new consultants and sell to customers in any of the countries where Tianshi does business. Tianshi provides a variety of programs to support the International expansion of Independent Consultant businesses, including marketing and communications programs.Unless prohibited by a resident country. Tianshi complies with the unique regulatory requirements of every country in which Tianshi does business.


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You have a find this Website.To Possed strong physique, successful business and proud wealth is the objective unremittingly pursued all life by every friend. Now Tianshi will help you to achieve this cherished goal. Joining Tianshi means you have discovered the God of Luck. Here you will find that Tianshi is the fire lighting the lamp of expectations, Tianshi is the lamp illuminating the way and Tianshi is the way leading to the door of success. Tianshi helps you open the door of health and the door of welth.When you begin with your Tianshi Business, you will have the assistance of your sponsor and others within your network. And You will be able to utilize the full resources of Tianshi.Please act at once to develop your Tianshi Business with your wisdom and hardwork! You will be successfull!